Meet The Team

Bruce Glenday

General Manager

Bruce is the GM of Dromex and has thirty-four years’ experience in the workwear and PPE industry. Bruce is qualified in Financial and Marketing Management, and his passion for the industry, together with his vast experience are instrumental in ensuring that Dromex always delivers the world class experience that our customers expect.

Suraksha Mohun

Respiratory and Fall Protection Product Specialist
Suraksha Mohun is the Dromex Respiratory (supplied air and air purifying) and Fall Protection product specialist and has been trained internationally in this field. Sue is also a qualified Industrial Engineer with over 11 years industry experience, of which two and a half years were spent as a user of this equipment in the FMCG heavy metal manufacturing industry. Sue is responsible for researching and writing of all the technical specifications, obtaining international product certification,  providing team training and technical support. An interesting fact is that Suraksha’s name, of Indian origin, means Protection.

Barry Oates

Footwear Specialist

Barry is the Footwear specialist at Dromex, overseeing the research, development, testing and certification of all our new footwear innovations. He has a Bachelor of Business Administration (IMM) and twenty-four years of footwear experience with a number of leading brands. His vast experience has helped to shape our current portfolio and drive our innovation agenda, but it is his passion for this important category that really sets him apart:

“It has been an incredible journey, being part of the growth and emergence of the Safety Footwear Industry in South Africa. Having been involved from the very beginning, I am looking forward to watching how it develops and excited to play my part in this next stage of its evolution.” –  Barry Oates

Bruce Jennings

Regional Manager (JHB)

Bruce has 23 years of PPE experience with 10 years working for Dromex and prior working throughout Sub-Sharan Africa.
He oversees the day to day operations at the Johannesburg branch, working closely with Product Specialists and Brand Representatives.
A fundamental roll would be linking the end user market with our distributor network.
He keeps distributors up to speed with new innovations from Dromex and promotes continuous product training.
He is also involved with the designing and implementing of our Express Stores throughout the region.

Nico Loizides

Regional Manager (Western Cape)

Nico has a Bachelor of Social Science and LLB from UCT. In his 8th year with Dromex in his existing position, Nico has enjoyed the challenge of tackling the diverse markets throughout the Western Cape and is proud to be associated with the brand and the company. Nico has also assisted in the process of setting up supply chain structures in Africa and is excited about the opportunities for the product range in the export market. 

Mike Varikas


Michael is the Workwear COO and has been leading the in-house vertical garment manufacturing and all internal workwear operations since the inception of the workwear division for Dromex 10 years ago. He is an expert in fabric sourcing, product development, and standards and certification, ensuring that Dromex delivers high-quality and compliant safety uniforms to its clients and partners in Sub-Saharan Africa and internationally.

Michael also excels in negotiation, sales management, infrastructure development, systems development, operations management, and sourcing, leveraging his extensive experience and knowledge in the textile & apparel industry for over 20 years. He is passionate about enhancing job creation, and consistent brand and financial growth. He is a key contributor to the innovation, business, manufacturing, competitiveness, and customer satisfaction.

Jooste Potgieter

ARC Flash Protection Product Specialist
Jooste Potgieter is the Dromex ARC Flash Protection Product Specialist. Jooste has a Bachelor of Commerce degree and over twelve years’ experience in the ARC Flash Protection industry. He is a Member of the SANS 724 committee responsible for the ARC Flash Protection standards in South Africa and has given over two hundred ARC Flash Training presentations to different businesses. Helping them understand the risks associated with ARC flashes and what preventative measures they should employ to help mitigate the risk to their employees.

Andre Eloff

Technical Sales Professional

Andre is one of the most experienced work wear and PPE professionals in South Africa with thirty-two years’ experience in the industry.  He has an extensive list of qualifications:

  • Diploma in Management Practice- Henley Business School (UK)
  • Mine Rescue Diploma – Colorado School of Mines (USA)
  • Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting – American Management Association (USA)
  • QSSP (Qualified Safety Sales Professional) Diploma (USA)
  • International Purchasing Management Diploma – Institute of Purchasing Management (RSA)

Andre is an EXCO member for SAPEMA (South African Protective Equipment Marketing Association and is also a participating member on all the SABS Technical Committees for Personal Protective Equipment.

Jaden Leggett

Regional Manager (PE)

Jaden is the regional manager for the Eastern Cape area. Jaden has a strong sales and customer background and is always ready to assist where needed. He has been with Dromex for just under 10 years and his passion for the industry shines through his training and sharing of PPE knowledge. He is an avid learner and always keen to solve client’s problems and provide the best safety product advice. Jaden loves to educate, train and guide the end user as well as provide exceptional customer service and assistance with his dedicated team.