Dynamic Women In Safety: Suraksha Mohun

We chatted to Sue to find out more about her journey as a woman in the Health and Safety Industry. Here is what she had to say:

1. What role do you play within the Health and Safety industry?

I am a Dromex Technical Product Specialist, a qualified Industrial Engineer and a friendly helping hand.

2. What does it mean for you as a woman to be in the Health and Safety Industry?

Safety doesn’t happen by accident. Accidents and unfortunate fatalities don’t discriminate between gender, race, wealth and as humans, safety errors are a reality. My role and experience in the industry has allowed me to articulate and impart my knowledge in the practises of workplace safety through the use of PPE and HSE methods to ensure that worker’s safety is a priority.

From training, creating simplified manuals and understandable content for the use of PPE, I feel confident that I make a valuable difference in the lives of the people who use our workwear & safety products.

3. How do you balance the pressures of work and family?

Time is precious and I’m no superwoman, but I try to give my best both at home and at work. I don’t believe in doing something for the sake of it, effort and precision is critical for me.

4. What do you find to be the most challenging for women within the industry?

There really are no limits, it’s the 21st century and women have the freedom to pursue their goals.

5. What is your favourite part of the job?

The excitement of a new product and researching every aspect of its functionality, specifications and certifications. It can be equally overwhelming and exhilarating, which pushes my mental boundaries.

6. What is your greatest achievement?

Becoming a mum. The challenge of surgery and having to walk within hours to care for my son’s needs as a newborn was daunting. Seeing him grow up and inherit my traits has been my greatest joy.

7. Who is the most influential woman you know and how does she inspire you?

Priyanka Chorpa – beauty with brains and an insightful philanthropist as well as being a feminist

8. What can you do to empower women within the Health and Safety Industry?

Embrace education, knowledge is the best teacher and once you have it, you own it forever.

9. What is one quote that inspires you?

“Growing older gracefully means having a keen curiosity about learning things about the world that you didn’t know yesterday, no matter how many yesterday\’s you’ve had.”