Introducing the Dromex ARC Range

We’d like to introduce the Dromex ARC Range – Specialised workwear for protection against heat exposure due to an arc flash.

After many years we are proud to bring the Dromex ARC range of workwear and PPE to the global stage. Fabrics have been tested at world-leading testing facilities so we are able to produce a product that provides the highest level of safety.

We have committed to developing quality products that effectively mitigate risk. Our ARC suits and Arc PPE provides protection against the risks associated with hazardous industries, where heat exposure and injury can occur due to an arc flash.

All ARC workwear is locally manufactured using customised Dromex A.P.T (Arc Protection Technologies) fabric. In addition Dromex A.P.T fabric is certified to the highest local and international standards.

In addition, our ARC range includes a number of styles and accessories for various industries and environments. Choose from our wide selection, for instance 12.4cal Arc Suits, Boilersuits, 21 cal Denims and even 9.9 & 12.4cal rated Arc Shirts.

Dromex ARC workwear and PPE is suitable for most electrical applications for example with industrial electrical panels, switch rooms, substations and utilities power generators.


When it comes to safety, the smallest detail can make a difference – Dromex Arc workwear and PPE has been designed for comfort and safety.

. Inherent flame-retardant thread
. Triple needle stitched seams
. Transfer print & embroidery logos
. Flame-retardant Velcro
. Double needle stitched FR reflective tape


Dromex believes in uncompromising safety. For this reason we insisted that the integrity of our specialist ARC range also passes the most stringent garment tests, in addition to the fabric tests.

All Arc workwear & PPE is approved to international standards.

  • IEC 61482-1-1
  • IEC 61482-1-2
  • NFPA 70E
  • NFPA 2112
  • SANS 724
  • ASTM 71959
  • ASTM F2621-12
  • EN 11611:2015 & EN 11612:2015 & EN 61482-1-2:2014

All Arc workwear & PPE is approved to international standards.

We believe that employees are entitled to maximum protection and that employers should never have to compromise on the quality of protective equipment they supply their staff.

Our ARC range ensures that we deliver on that promise.

Know Safety. No Injury. Know Dromex.

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